Latvia to be represented at 52nd Venice Art Biennale

13 Apr 2007

Latvia is to be represented at the 52nd Venice Art Biennale by Gints Gabrans' Para Mirrors.

Before Easter week, on the night of a full moon, filming took place in the Latvian National Art Museum. 55 people took part, comprised of 25 production personnel, and 30 extras.

A hypnotic session was filmed for the exposition work Parahipnoze, where, with the manipulation of artificial light, night was transformed into day. The session was conducted by hypnotherapist Peteris Zalitis. With this was commemorated the mass 'putting-to-sleep' during a hypnotic séance which took place a year ago. The video footage of that event was screened during the Waves exhibition at the Arsenals Exhibition Centre in August 2006.

The Para Mirrors exhibition will be take place in Venice in a former school building. The Venice Biennale will open on 7 July, and will continue until 21 November.

In co-operation with the Centre for Contemporary Art, a catalogue of Gabrans' work is being developed, together with a website "", which will soon be accessible on the Internet.

Gabrans' exhibition Para Mirrors is about the changing states of awareness produced by light. Specifically, polarised light reflected by mirrors. Venice is an ideal place for the association with mirrors, as it is reflected in rivers and canals itself, so it seems natural that Venice is the birthplace of smooth crystal mirrors.

The government has allocated LVL 106,000 for the project.